Monday, August 28, 2006

"somewhere between ignorance and incompetence"

I had planned to write a nice little post about Carnivale part 2, but that's going to have to wait. As usual, I was scanning through news articles on and read a story about the Emmy Awards show last night - talking about how Conan O'Brien's skit at the beginning of the show was hilarious to some but not to others.

Wondering how anybody would actually think he's not funny, I clicked on the article.

I'm sorry I did now because it reminded me of how many completely daft morons there are in this world. People who can't look past the end of their noses or use common sense and a little understanding in their daily lives.

Take anybody who watches something on TV and becomes so full of rage / distress that they threaten to sue the station for bringing harm to their delicate psyches. I can't help but think of the person who wanted to sue people because "Fear Factor" was disturbing to watch. I completely agree that it's disturbing. My solution to that little problem? I don't watch it.

This situation is a little different, but definitely fits into the same category (in my opinion anyway).

Everybody who pays attention to the news probably knows about the terrible tragedy that happened yesterday with the Kentucky airplane crash. Yes, it's horrible and sad - just like every other time a plane crashes. People's lives are changed forever. I read a few of the human-interest stories surrounding this and they were very sad.

How many people though would find a way to connect Conan O'Brien's pre-recorded skit poking fun at several NBC shows (particularly "LOST") to this tragedy? How many of you would see him in a mock plane crash and winding up in the fictional world of LOST and immediately become so offended that you demand NBC issue you an apology???

Listen, I understand that when you're going through something terrible or hard that things are going to seem harder to handle. Like listening to certain songs after a bad break-up. The thing is - this little skit was in no way related to the Kentucky tragedy, yet it's now a news item on the internet because somebody got offended. Since that somebody happens to be a member of NBC's news affiliate in Kentucky I can see how things would be a little more close to home, but to make a fuss about something that was not set out to be insensitive or offensive is just ridiculous.

Maybe they'll have to stop airing LOST now - might upset more people.

Give me a break, folks. If something you see on television bothers you - CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Don't know if anybody else thought of this - but if you just lost a loved one in a terrible plane crash, you probably wouldn't be watching the Emmy Awards anyway. I guess laughter isn't always the best medicine...

Later note: Those of you who disagree with my opinions here will be happy to know that NBC did apologize.


  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger Laura Coubrough said…

    I couldn't agree with you more... bad things happen around the world all the time... people have to learn not to take things so personally all the time. The skit had nothing to do with the disaster. Perhaps if the skit had been him in an unlit runway running off the end and crashing.. then maybe inappropriate, crashing on a deserted island, not as bad.


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