Thursday, December 22, 2005

Notes from the road

Yesterday, I drove from Windsor to London. The drive was good, although the number of trucks on the highway definitely took away some of the enjoyment of the drive. Luckily, there was no snow at all, and I happily sung along with the radio for two hours. The instant I got into London, it started to snow. I think it stopped sometime through the night, and the “trace” of snow predicted by our ever-accurate Weather Network turned into several centimeters. I’ll only worry if it snows while I’m driving home though… otherwise it’s nice to have so much on the ground for Christmas.

The trip to London went much as anticipated… filled with a lot of emotion and joy, I finally met Kim and Steve’s little son. Gordie is so amazing and SMALL! I lucked out and got to see him awake for a little while. Those people who have not been blessed with holding a newborn baby can never understand the connection that can be made just by looking into their eyes. This little person knew that it wasn’t his mother or father holding him – he was curious about me and tried to keep his eyes open for a longer look, but sleep won him over. I think I watched him sleep for 45 minutes before handing him over to his mommy (I’m still getting used to Kim being a mommy) so I could take a few pictures of them together.

I hated to leave. But it was dinner time for this little family, so I moved on to the next mommy and new baby. Ledawit (the other mommy) had somehow managed to make a roast beef dinner with all of the fixings and to add to this, Addis fell asleep in his swing for the entire dinner. Getting to spend time with the girls is a rare occasion these days, with me being away for school.

Today will be my first time visiting a mall since I moved to Windsor… interestingly it is a mall in London that I’m going to. It’s not that I don’t like shopping – just the opposite – but when you’re on a limited budget and can’t resist shoe sales, it’s a good idea to avoid temptation altogether. I’m spending the day with Ledawit and Addis, and the experience of shopping with a 3 month old baby is going to be very interesting. I know we’ll get a lot of stares because he’s so adorable – it’ll be neat to watch her get to show off her baby a little.


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