Sunday, June 01, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why Sleep Deprivation isn't So Bad

For the last two months I've been working for a non-profit organization that is holding a major (20,000+ visitors) event here in the London area. As the clock marches toward the opening day, things are steadily becoming crazier. Unfortunately for our group, none of us were part of this organization last year and have no idea whether or not we are even doing our jobs right. Luckily, our small team is motivated enough to go for hours without sleep for the next week and will try our best to ensure that there are no thefts, explosions, fires, lost children, or people yelling at us.

I probably won't be writing again until the event is over (and I blame the preparation for me being such a terrible blogger lately), since I plan to try and sleep for at least a little while after the 15 hour days that are looming like thunderclouds in the horizon.

And (taking Sully's sage advice posted in a previous comments section) here is the bright side of all of this:

Why Sleep Deprivation Isn't So Bad

10. My appreciation for the deliciousness of coffee has tripled - it is now the single greatest drink to ever be invented

9. I no longer care about what my hair looks like in the morning (which saves me HOURS each week in getting ready for work)

8. It is now possible to have a cat nap sitting up (or do we call this "passing out"?)

7. Jeremy has taken over the Doing the Dishes chore - which allows me to sit and relax for a few minutes before working some more (and he makes me bubble baths without asking)

6. The noise my neighbour's annoying boyfriend makes with his car stereo and rock music no longer jolts me awake at all hours of the night (FYI: This noise also wakes other neighbours. He apparently thinks his noise is justifiable because the cats run around across the floor at night and actually asked his girlfriend how we could complain about the noise if our cats were being so annoying at night. By running across the floor. As a result she asked if we could control our cats and make stop running around at night. I did try to have a conversation with them about it, but just got a blank look and a "meow" (translation: where's my food?!) in response. I hope he has better luck convincing his car stereo to quiet down after midnight)

5. I can snore and not feel guilty about it ("I'm so tired - sorry if i'm snoring again!")

4. I can get a buzz from 1 rum & coke (love being a cheap drunk!)

3. It is now possible to wake up at 7:30am without an alarm clock (seriously - we haven't set the alarm in WEEKS)

2. I can entertain myself much more easily - by watching YouTube videos or reruns of That 70's Show until I fall asleep in my chair (sitcoms are a lot funnier right now)

1. Things that probably aren't funny are now hilarious (and I don't even need the aforementioned rum & coke!). This includes my own writing. For this I can only apologize.

With that (possibly terrible) post, I leave you for the week. Following the event, I'll hopefully find time to write more often since there is a LOT to tell.

until then - sweet dreams!


  • At 11:24 AM, Blogger Suldog said…

    You definitely need sleep any time you reference me for sage advice. God luck!


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