Monday, March 24, 2008

Cabin Fever (aka What Happens When I get Stuck in My House for 4 Days)

For the last week Jeremy and I have been laid up with a very mean flu. It started last Sunday with a headache for him, escalated into sneezing that I'm sure startled the people next door, then topped off regular intervals of coughing up bits of his lungs.

You know how when somebody else is sick, you feel sorry for them but don't really understand just how rotten they're feeling?

Thursday morning at 4am, I woke up nauseous, feverish, and feeling like somebody had poured liquid fire into my veins. Everything hurt. Cue tossing and turning for the next two hours, when I finally got out of bed and tried some tea. (which didn't work either) By Thursday evening I was no longer fit to be out of bed. Crawling under the covers with a whimper (I'm very very good at whining when I don't feel well), I resigned myself to a couple of days of feeling sick.

Unfortunately for both Jeremy and myself, this mean SOB of a cold has managed to hang on and torture us with runny noses and sore throats on top of the headaches and fever until yesterday. So much for a nice long weekend...

Being housebound for this many days has given me a lot of spare time, during which I finally started listing recently discovered blogs that I've been meaning to put on my blogroll.

Here are a few on the list:
Matt reminds me of a young Magazine Man - eloquent and witty, with a very interesting writing style. He's a college student who uses insomnia as a writer's tool and takes pretty amazing pictures. It's worth your time to go check him out.
Okay, this girl might be my lost twin. Not only does she love hockey AND the same team I do (Woohooo! Go AVS!), she also takes pictures of her millions of pairs of shoes, proudly quotes Friends episodes and calls herself the Urban Princess. Love it.
I'm so jealous of Kristy's blog name and masthead - if I had more imagination, it's what I would have done for myself. Great writing and a fantastic sense of humour (check out a recent post (with illustrations!) on why women with big boobs and butts can't wear sundresses - definitely a girl I can relate to!)


This weekend Jeremy installed Adobe Photoshop Elements (a.k.a. "Photoshop for people who will never be able to understand the REAL Photoshop") onto my computer. I've been playing nonstop with this program and have already spent several hours messing around with my pictures.

Here are a few of my pictures after editing:

I can't wait until I actually learn how to use this program!

To end this blog-post-with-no-point-at-all, one of the other nice things about staying in all weekend was re-discovering some old songs and videos on YouTube. Like this one:

To quote one of the commenters:
"how do you say de groovy
How do you say degorgeous
how do yo say dee lite"
Man the 90's rocked


  • At 12:52 PM, Blogger Suldog said…

    Hope you have a healthy house soon. By the way, I checked out the insomniac. Good fun stuff.

  • At 3:58 PM, Blogger BurningSky said…

    Thanks for linking to me..:-)


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