Thursday, December 29, 2005

Notes from a frustrated hockey watcher

Okay, so I was going to write about my great trip around Ontario, visiting friends and family, while the World Juniors (Canada vs. Norway) plays in the background. But I'm so completely frustrated with this game that I can't not make a comment on it.
I guess the good thing about having a blog is being able to say whatever you want, and I've gotta say that the officiating in this international tournament is TERRIBLE. Anybody who knows hockey understands that with the "New" NHL, things are a little different this year. More penalties, less fights, more goals... according to Gary Bettman this is a "great" change and will bring more fans to the game while making old fans happier. Being an old fan of this game, I have been repeatedly dissapointed by the number of penalites and some of the other changes to the game. But, some of the recent games have been good enough to give me hope that my favourite sport will evolve back into what it used to be.
Unfortunately, this evening, I am interrupted by the ridiculous number of penalties that have been called during this game. Not having the official stats at this time, I can only guess at the amount of minutes that have been spent with 5 on 5 - I'm thinking a little less than 4 minutes... There have been so many penalities called that both teams have had a 2 man advantage twice. This is only the second period!
It's gotten to the point that the crowd (in Vancouver) is now booing penality calls for both Canada and Norway. This makes me wonder at what point can an official be kicked out of the game??

The only redeeming part of this incredibly frustrating game is that we're winning 3-0.


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