Thursday, September 07, 2006

get me off this ride

There has been quite the rollercoaster ride happening since we've arrived. Good news and bad news coming without warning (and usually taking turns), and the realization that this might have all been a big mistake. Some of the things we've found out in the last little while have made me start to question how smart it was for us to move here. If I had known some of the things I know now, there's a strong chance I'd be writing a blog post from some place in Ontario...

Yesterday I got called to see if I wanted to work on Friday in a year 6 class (grade 5 back home) and after excitedly accepting and getting ready for my first teaching day, I got another call saying the teacher changed her appointment and won't need a sub after all... The good news is that I do get an extra day of teaching and it looks like a possibility of other work before the 20th. Sure would love a few extra days to help with the rent money.

The incident yesterday is typical of the type of stuff that's been happening - we get great news then something happens to completely puncture the bubble of happiness. Like how we don't have a TV but found good but cheap speakers so we could watch movies on Jeremy's computer. The computer had other plans and erupted into flames last night. Yep, flames. The video card decided to turn itself into a candle. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it before and I hope not to ever again. The rest of the computer wasn't damaged at all, but right now his PC is not usable.

We also found out that TimePlan had a job for him. Yay! THAT particular bubble of joy burst when we found out he can't apply for his visa while in the UK. Not sure what the policy is behind all of this, but the government has decided that there are too may migrant workers here and the if you want a working holiday visa, you
a) have to apply from your home country
b) shouldn't have a job arranged as the goal of this visa is for travel


So as he makes plans to fly BACK home to Canada so he can apply for a working holiday visa for "not working" that he needs to get a job (makes sense right), we try to figure out how he's going to make money in the meantime because I certainly can't afford to fly him home when I owe ridiculous amounts of money to both my parents and my bank.

While dealing with all of this junk, we've been enjoying beautiful weather and fun outings with Eve and her friend Natasha. Last night it took us to Green Park, where we had a picnic in the grass with wine, grapes, chips & dip and all sorts of yummy things (raised a toast to the Queen, who was only a 5 minute walk away). We got invited to visit Eve's family in Germany for free (just cost of plane ticket, which is like 60 pounds return) anytime we want.

I'm really hoping that the good news doesn't mean more bad news is on its way.

Is this the "real world" now?


  • At 3:27 PM, Blogger Beechball * said…

    About that video card, you might wanna look into documenting and writing to the company/retailer where you bought it from. They might give you a new one, offer you free stuff or just flat our threaten to sue them for the damages and the potential of having your home go up into flames - that's just crazy! Look into it, I'm sure someone can help you out someway! Good luck and I hope things turn around for ya

  • At 8:50 PM, Blogger ledawit said…

    i dont know what to say mel ... life does take its good turns and its bad ones but dont get down about it.. things always do have a way of working out the way they are suposed to be so just keep your head up high and just do what you can do ...
    miss you lots over here !


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