Sunday, October 22, 2006

a hard habit to break

I've needed a new belt for about two months. The one I've been using makes me crazy every morning because the solid leather part is broken at the notches that I use most often - meaning it's a major effort each time I need to fit the belt through the loops of pants. I swore that as soon as I got a paycheck that wouldn't all go to rent, I would buy a belt.

Finally yesterday I wandered around Oxford Street (one of the main shopping areas in London), going in and out of stores like the Gap and French Connection, wishing I had money to spend on their clothes. Eventually, I found two very nice belts for a decent price at Dorothy Perkins. And a pair of really nice earrings that I can wear with pretty much anything. After spending a little more time in another shop, I added a few more pairs of earrings and necklaces to my little shopping bag.

I really like all of the things I bought, and went home feeling happy that I could spend a little bit of money on something frivolous for once.

Now I feel guilty.

I'm so used to not being able to spend money on anything but rent, food, bills, transportation, and other practical stuff that part of me feels like I should have stuck with one belt and left the rest of the purchases in the stores.

I hope when we go to visit the Tower of London or the Aquarium that my guilt stays home. I'm usually very practical with money and it's getting annoying to not be able to enjoy the benefits of the hard work I do.

I think I'll wear my new earrings today...


  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger ledawit said…

    word of advice cause i do the guilt trip thing on myself alot now since i have another person in my life to think about, we cant always put ourselves last so dont worry and stress over buying earings and a belt.. we deserve something little that makes us feel special so dont take that away from yourself ..:):)


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