Saturday, October 07, 2006

Missing the "Ron and Don Show"

Most of you probably have no idea who the hell Ron & Don are.

I spent time with these guys every Saturday night for many years (especially the last 5), laughing at their commentaries and Don's strange costumes. Instead of wearing clothes like everybody else, Don wears costumes - loud jackets with crazy plaid designs, bizarre ties and an assortment of unusual headwear...

Ron always amazed me with his patience in the face of Don's rants and inability to sit quietly for longer than 2 minutes. He would just grin and let the man go off on tangents about everything from the Canadian military to the need for larger gloves. No matter the topic, Don Cherry always has an opinion.

Tonight is the first installment of Hockey Night in Canada - the first time I'm missing the season's kickoff in several years. If I could manage to find a way to watch the games on my computer - I'd actually stay up to at least see the first game (7pm games are on at midnight here).

I know it's one of those things that will be waiting for me when I return home, but tonight I'll definitely be missing Canada and my favourite game...


  • At 8:55 PM, Blogger Beechball * said…

    Well to give you an update... the score is now 2 - 1 Toronto. I hope they win because Dan's fav team is Montreal, and well... I'm mad at him so I hope his team loses! haha

  • At 8:20 PM, Blogger Stu said…

    by Jane Siberry

    winter time and the frozen river
    sunday afternoon
    they're playing hockey on the river

    he'll have that scar on his chin forever
    someday his girlfriend will say
    "hey... where...?"

    he might look out the window...or not

    you skate as fast as you can 'til you hit the snowbank(that's how you stop)
    and you get your sweater from the catalogue
    you use your rubber boots for goal posts
    ah...walkin' home

    don't let those sunday afternoons
    get away get away get away get away break away break away break away break away

    this stick was signed by jean belliveau so don't fuckin' tell me where to fuckin' go...
    oh sunday afternoon

    someone's dog just took the puck-he buried it it's in the snowbank... yaya, your turn

    they rioted in the streets of montreal when they benched rocket richard
    it's true...

    don't let those sunday afternoons
    get away get away get away get away break away break away break away break away

    the sun is fading on the frozen river
    the wind is dying down
    someone else just got called for dinner
    hmm...sunday afternoon


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