Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pretty Winter

Usually by the middle of January I'm cursing the cold and snow, but for some reason I'm really enjoying the winter weather this year.

Maybe it was experiencing a rainy, damp winter with only two fluke snowfalls last year that made me miss it. I'm now willing to get out of a warm car, then tramp through snow and up a bridge to get pictures of a pretty river, or to explore a forest when it's -10 degrees.

The results have been pretty great so far and I'm looking forward to getting more snow (which of course means we'll get 5 feet of it and I'll forget all about how pretty it is while shoveling or scraping it off of my car).

These were taken at the French River in Northern Ontario just after Christmas.

And then there was the day I decided to take my camera for a walk by the Thames River here in London - right before the sun started to set.

I froze my ears, nose and camera batteries (they stopped working after a half hour but came back when the camera warmed up again), but it was totally worth it.


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