Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday!

two years ago today I shoved aside the textbook I was studying from and opened my email. There was a message waiting for me that changed my life...

Excerpt from last year's post:
I checked my email and sat in shock as I read your daddy's story about your birth. I still get tears in my eyes when I think about how scary that must have been for all of you... Nothing made me more miserable than not being ab
le to get in the car and drive to London after all of that happened. It made me dislike Exam Time even more... I did finally meet you though - and for the first time in my life was speechless as I looked at you and thought about how all of the history between us had lead right to this point: Meeting the son of two of my oldest and dearest friends for the very first time. A little boy whom I would love like a nephew, even though we're not related by blood. You were so tiny and quiet, but you opened your eyes to see who was holding you and in that moment I knew that my friendship with your parents was always going to be different. Because you are now a part of it too...

It's hard to believe that two years has passed already!

Gordie, you grew from being an adorable tiny baby into an adorable, active little boy with a big smile and lots of energy. Everytime I see you, you've got something new to say or show me - but one of my favourite things that you do is watch you play hockey. Every time you hit the ball against the cupboards and yell "GOAL!", it's impossible not to smile at you much fun you're having.

After missing two birthdays in a row, it was wonderful to be there and witness the look of awe in your eyes when we crowded around the table to sing Happy Birthday to you. Your mommy worked very hard on the delicious truck cake and I think your parents deserve a big thank you for throwing such a great party!

Selfishly, the best part of your party for me was when I walked in the door, you looked up and said "Hi Mininda!"

The fact that both you and your buddy Addis not only know who I am, but actually seem to LIKE who I am is nothing short of amazing.

You've got a lot of exciting things coming up this year - you'll probably start reading simple books, and will learn so much it'll astound all of the grownups who are around you. You'll get taller and be able to say hundreds of new words, and take dozens of other steps towards growing up. (For some great writing and videos chronicling the Life of Gord so far, visit his daddy's blog.)

You are a big reason why I love "Oh the Places You Will Go" by Dr. Suess. Right now you've got all of the potential in the world. You can literally be anything you set your mind to, and are so lucky to have two fantastic people to be your parents (and friends) along the way.

I promise to always be there if you need me. (And to get you cool (and educational) presents on your birthdays.)


Lots of love,

Auntie Mininda


  • At 4:16 PM, Blogger Kim said…


    I just got around to catching up on all your blogging after this crazy week. Thank you so much for the beautiful post. It means so much to me and Gord too. He is so lucky to have an auntie like you!!!!


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