Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5 Things

I've been saving this just for NaBloPoMo:

5 Things About Me that You Don't Already Know:

1. I was a part of a professional theatre company for a summer production called "Magic of the Musicals", as a pit band member.
I played the oboe and saxophone and was responsible for helping to put up and take down the set after each show. We were not very successful financially, but still managed to travel to several places around Ontario, including Ottawa, Timmins, and Gore Bay. My favourite shows were in Gore Bay, on Manitoulin Island, because we got to stay as a group in the campground during that time. Freshly caught whitefish on the campfire, singing songs with some very talented people, and enjoying the beauty of Manitoulin Island - we had a blast. During our tour, we also encountered a ghost, had an impromptu mini-Olympics competition, renovated an elevator, and got ourselves kicked out of a Harvey's in Ottawa for rowdy behaviour involving straws.

2. I still have one of my baby teeth.
Yep, it never fell out and the adult tooth never grew in. As a child, the dentist recommended that I get braces or succumb to other dental nightmares for "cosmetic reasons", but I refused cause I hated the dentist (what kid doesn't?!) Now I kinda regret it because I really don't like my smile - or at least showing my teeth when I do.

3. I've seen "When Harry Met Sally" over 100 times.
One of the best movies ever and I plan on seeing at least 100 more times. My friends and I used to watch it every weekend during our sleepovers. We can quote almost the entire movie, yet I still get mushy inside during the ending.

4. I've never worked for a retail or fast food franchise.
Yet. This one might change if I don't find something soon... So far though, I've been lucky enough to be employed in some very interesting places

5. I've been to over 100 cities in 4 different countries.
This one is almost all courtesy of my parents and their desire to show Canada (and a huge chunk of the USA) to my brother and I. We traveled by car, train, boat, and plane to each coast and enjoyed holidays all over the place. As a result, I've gotten to see and do a lot of very cool stuff:
  • Celebrated the 4th of July beside the river in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
  • Visited the West Edmonton Mall
  • Explored Washington D.C. in the middle of the night (and located "The Farm")
  • Gone caving in South Dakota
  • Encountered a buffalo in Yellowstone Park (and laughed at my brother mooing at it while my mom shouted at him to "GET BACK IN THE VAN!")
  • Went horseback riding in the mountains in Montana
  • Watched fireworks from the monorail in Disney World on New Year's Eve
  • Visited Tintagel, where the British believe King Arthur's Castle is located
  • Climbed up the Eiffel Tower, then wrote my name on the top floor
  • Ate a gigantic lobster fresh from the sea in Maine
  • Ran around Manhattan for an afternoon with some of my closest friends (we were 16 years old at the time and completely unsupervised)
  • Walked around on the Columbia Ice Fields
  • Have been in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean (off the coasts in Canada, the USA, and England), the Gulf of Mexico, and the English Channel
  • I've seen Mount Rushmore, The White House, The Space Needle, Disney World, Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Rocky Mountains (in Canada and the USA), The Liberty Bell, The Twin Towers, Niagara Falls, and many more amazing sights
Okay, there are a LOT more things that could be added here. I'm thinking this topic would be a very good series for my blog. Now I just need a title and a place to start. (any ideas? if one of those sounds interesting to you, let me know and I'll write about it)

I'll be back tomorrow with a travel story. From somewhere...


  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Suldog said…

    Is the adult tooth available for fill in? That is, is it still somewhere up in your gums? Very interesting to me, as I've had extensive dental work in my adult years - lots of implants.


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