Sunday, November 11, 2007

All I Want for Christmas is Satellite TV

Okay, well maybe not all, but it's definitely at the top of my wish list.

I made it for a year and a half without having any television access at all; watching reruns of old shows on various websites that stream such content, and revisiting DVD movies and episodes of Friends.

Finding television shows on the internet has turned into a bit of an art form for me: searching through various links that promise "free" TV shows often wind up leading to web pages that say "Only 29.99 for a $400.00 value!", or they involve downloading content instead of just streaming them from somewhere else. Since I'm not about to pay a website money or start illegally downloading things, the number of unwatched episodes is dwindling. (How many times can you watch that episode of Seinfeld with Kramer's butter tan?)

Recently I started doing random searches for videos to satisfy my TV addiction and discovered the world of fanvids.

These are videos often set to music that feature highlights from various shows, generally about the relationship between couples like Ross & Rachel from Friends and Jim & Pam from The Office.

Here's a recently discovered one (Jim & Pam - any Office fans out there will probably really enjoy this):

Unfortunately, my taste for fanvids is probably not going to last very long, so hopefully I'll find some new stuff to watch soon...

Among the list of frustrating and terrible things that has resulted from me losing one of my jobs is the fact that my plans for getting Star Choice this month have been canceled. It was going to be my Christmas present to myself: having TV to watch again, including the NHL channel.

Oh hockey, how I've missed you. I miss the sound of Don Cherry's rants about whatever player did really well or really badly that week, I miss the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada and hearing our national anthem played. I miss the great saves and wrist shots, and cheering for my team. I miss watching SportsCenter the next day on TSN and reliving the highlights of the previous nights match-ups. I miss talking to my dad and friends about the latest player news and watching the kids we followed during the World Juniors make their starts in the NHL. I miss losing myself in the grace, speed, and intensity of the game.

So far this season, the Avalanche have done pretty well for themselves - sitting atop the Northwest division and showing a fairly strong record so far. I was lucky enough to be invited to a friend's place last week to catch Colorado vs. Vancouver - a match-up that is always entertaining. I like the Canucks and will generally cheer for them when they're not playing my Avs, so whenever the two teams get together it's a lot of fun to watch.

Sitting in front of the TV last Saturday night, I realized how much I missed the tradition of shouting at it during games. Since I was a somebody else's house, I made every effort to control myself, only letting out a few bellows of "SHOOT!" or "What the HELL! Terrible call!"

It's been a long year.

So I'm asking Santa Claus to bring me a little satellite dish from Star Choice so I can reunite with Ron & Don every Saturday and bore my fiance with the details of each game that I watch. I promise to be a very good girl and keep on cheering for my team even if they play really badly for the rest of the year.

(Oh, and Santa? If the way that you "bring me" the satellite dish is by helping me to find a great new job then I'd be totally okay with that.)


  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger Suldog said…

    I pity you not being able to watch your favorite sport. It is much like my step-father not being able to see Red Sox games. They are ALL on cable, excluding the nationally televised ones, and he doesn't have cable. So, he sees the playoffs and maybe six or seven games at most during the regular season.


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