Friday, November 09, 2007

Open Letter

To the company who fired me:

It's been two days and I'm still in shock. When you called me to fire me over the phone I didn't even see it coming. You didn't give me a chance to discuss it or even the courtesy of explaining why you were doing it.

You made accusations about my professional behaviour that I find incredibly offensive. Having worked for 10 years in the customer service field, with 3 of those years in a call center, I certainly have the knowledge of how to succeed in an office.

I was led to believe that my performance was great and that I was on the fast-track to promotions and other good stuff. My supervisor was generally friendly and always assured me that I was doing "just fine" or better.

Usually, if you give a problem some time, it will start to make sense.

This, I just don't understand. I really gave it my all, even when the company asked us to do things that I didn't necessarily agree with (like take orders for what is clearly an individual object and sign them up for a whole series "automatically"), but I smiled and did my job. I was encouraged and complimented and really felt like things were going well.

You have no idea what I'm capable of. You will never get to see the things I could have accomplished or enjoy the hard work I always strive to do. You fired me (and two others the next day) without so much as a consideration to my past track records (4 promotions in 3 years at the call center) or the first impression that got me the job in the first place.

You're a big company, but I really thought you were different. You're rich as hell, making 65% profit and have lawyers as good as "OJ Simpson's if necessary". I wouldn't waste my time trying to sue you for Wrongful Dismissal, but I honestly believe that if the law were fair, I'd win. Instead I have to just try and get over this , get on with my life, and be happy that I'm no longer part of a company with questionable morals.

"Finally, I'd just like to add that being fired over the phone without
being given a chance to explain and discuss this is something that I
never expected from such a well-reputed company. I am deeply
disappointed that things have ended this way. Please bear in mind
that I have not written this email to try and save my job, since that
decision has already been made without any attempt at communicating
problems to me. I only write this because my professional reputation
is very important to me. I feel that I have been misled regarding
both my job expectations and more importantly my performance, and I
truly hope that the current employees at your company have a far more
positive experience than I have. The worst part of this dismissal is
that since I was given the impression that I was doing a good job, I
still don't understand why I was fired." *

Thanks for wasting my time, stressing me out, insulting me, and not giving me a chance.

I can only hope that someday somebody else will treat you as well as you treated me.

Melinda Peterson

* part of my real letter


  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Tam's thoughts said…

    what job were you fired from?

  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger UrbanCowgirl said…

    Those bastards. This sort of injustice is awful to read about, let alone deal with personally. Of course the sad reality is that no matter how many times companies shit on their staff, they seem to have no problem recruiting.

    It's good to see you're staying positive though! Coffee, yard, and book sounds like a pretty decent remedy to me :-)

  • At 10:52 PM, Blogger Melinda said…

    Tam - from my customer service job. Not the Mad Science one...

    Cowgirl - thanks for the support! Your point about those companies being able to recruit even after treating their people so badly rings very true in this case...
    Looks like I'll be spending a fair amount of time in my yard ;)


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