Sunday, October 21, 2007

cheese soup, mango daiquiris and a zillion yards of organza

"Oh my God! Look at your boobs!"

I stood up straight and looked at my laughing friends.

"Uh huh, sure - this is EXACTLY how I wanted to look on my wedding day! I look like... like... I dunno..."

"You look like JESSICA RABBIT!" crowed Laura gleefully.

"Oh great. Good. Um, don't think this is The Dress then!"

The rest of the ladies in the bridal shop were all staring, some at my boobs, some at the dress, and the rest in fascination at the bright red colour I'm sure my face had become.

"Yes, dear - I think you're right that this might be a little too racy for a wedding day. Maybe if you were in Las Vegas or something..." said the mother of another bride-to-be.

(not sure why people in bridal shops think it's okay to openly comment on other women's dress choices, but in this case I was too eager to get out of the dress to care)

(in this case the stranger was right though - it did look pretty Vegas. Low cut neckline with lots of cleavage, sparkles and sequings along the tight bodice then a big skirt flaring out. Definitely not me...)

(no, I didn't choose it - can't remember whose idea that one was)

"Hmm... maybe for the honeymoon instead right?" I winked at the girls as I grabbed the front of the sparkling dress with one hand and covered the deep-cut neckline of the top. This dress definitely didn't feel comfortable: it was too low-cut and felt as heavy as two sleeping bags.

Back in the change room, the saleslady (who coincidentally went to school with one of my bridesmaids) helped me out of the Jessica Rabbit dress, saying apologetically that often you can't tell what they'll look like until you try them on.

So true.

I was so happy to be spending Saturday afternoon with two of my oldest and closest friends - both of whom will be a part of the bridal party. We've known each other since Grade 9 and have basically grown up together. They're both married already and had a great time searching through the racks for a good dress for me, holding up giant folds of white for me to approve or disapprove. To make things fun, we're also having a contest to see which one of us can find the Ugliest Wedding Dress Ever - something that I think will last for quite a few months as we visit various shops and conventions. Laura found a contender, but I'm not counting out Kim or any of the other girls either.

We started the day with a long lunch at Under the Volcano, one of my favourite places to eat. A pitcher of mango daiquiris, cheese soup (it's A-MAZING), and lime tequila chicken, and I was feeling full and getting nervous about trying on wedding dresses.

Don't get me wrong - I'm totally looking forward to all of this wedding stuff, but I really didn't want to find The Dress so far in advance, and having not even picked the date or location yet. Still, this didn't stop our enthusiasm as we sorted through the racks at the same place Kim found her gorgeous dress 6 years ago. The saleslady was very friendly and didn't seem put off when I admitted that I wasn't planning to buy anything right now.

Being a saleslady working on commission though, she snuck in a dress that she claimed was "her favourite" and insisted I try it.

She lifted it over my head and too-large bustier that they make you wear when you don't have a strapless bra (very uncomfortable) and helped to do up the back. As the dress took shape around me, my only thought was "Oh no."

The sinking feeling continued when I saw the looks on Kim and Laura's faces. A little teary and totally amazed at how I looked.

(and a surreal feeling to have that many people look at me like I'm spectacularly gorgeous)

Was this it? Already?! Looking at my image in the mirror, I imagined myself outdoors, surrounded by lights and flowers, imagining walking down an aisle towards a lake

So as to keep things a bit mysterious, I will say that my contact information was left with the bridal shop but we're planning on several more Wedding Dress Hunts before I make any commitments.

Here's a hint - the dress that might be The Dress doesn't look anything like this:


  • At 11:07 AM, Blogger Suldog said…

    Glad the pictured dress isn't it. Yuck!

    By the way, I would have liked this post much more if you had included a shot of you in the Jessica Rabbit dress, but I suppose I shouldn't be saying that to a soon-to-be married lady, huh? Nevermind.


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