Tuesday, October 02, 2007

here I am again stealing a Londoner's wireless internet

Bad me.
Due to some unforseen difficulties, I'm sitting on my brand new deck, enjoying the view of a tree-lined backyard (complete with two fireburners and three gardens) as I connect to a stranger's wireless internet signal. Thank God for those trusting people who leave their wireless open so people like me can connect to the world. We've got our internet set up, but unfortunately the outlets in the office are two-pronged, and all of our stuff, including the modem, are three-pronged. There are other grounded outlets in the apartment, so Jeremy and I will have to figure something out until either he or an electrician can change the outlets for us.

Other than that, I'm over the moon in love with our new place. It's walking distance from Jeremy's work, a short drive from mine, 5 minutes from the park where he proposed, has a great deck, is on a quiet street, and tons of storage space - so much in fact, that we don't know what to do with it all!

Our friends Blair and Kim helped with the move, as well as my new friend Jaimi's hubby-to-be, Lance. He donated his cargo van, driving all the way from London to Dunnville with Blair and I, to load everything up, then turn right around and drive back to the new place to unload things.

As usual, moving sucked, but I kept in pretty high spirits (for most of it) thanks to the great people who were there to help out.

As usual, it cost more money than expected, but we saved a couple of hundred dollars thanks to Lance and his really old cargo van. If I hadn't been so stressed out / sleep deprived, I would have taken pictures of it - it has a lot of character and repeatedly made noises like it was going to roll on to it's last kilometer. It does have a fool-proof theft-prevention system: you have to turn on the rear defroster in order to start the engine. So clever!

The van (or the Lovely Beast, depending on who you are) also has an Anti-Speeding-Ticket System. Not a radar detector - that's much too illegal and out-dated for this van - but the engine won't let you go faster than 115km/ hour, so when you're zipping up the 401 you don't have to worry about the police nabbing you for driving too fast.

Add the windshield wipers that seem to have a mind of their own (sometimes will go, sometimes they won't, sometimes you have to turn them off to get them to start) and a price tag for $9.95 on the passenger door from The Stag Shop, you've got a big beautiful hunk of white paint and rusted metal. I seriously love that van and will be sad when Lance gets rid of it.

And so I'm here in our new place, slowly unpacking boxes and getting ready to go to work this afternoon. It feels like Christmas as I open boxes to find things we packed up over a year ago and left in storage as we headed to Britain for our adventure.

Another homecoming for us - and this time I really feel like things are only going to get better...

Thanks to Mom, Laurie, Romeo, Kim, Mary, Jim, the other Kim, Blair, and Lance for helping us with our move / donating new furniture / TV / stuff for the apartment. We're so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives and I hope that one day we can return the favour!


  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger Suldog said…

    Well, Yay! Isn't it nice to be in a new place you love, getting to know the idiosyncrasies, planning this and that, unpacking interesting things you forgot you packed in the first place? Yes, it is.

  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger Melinda said…

    You're so right Sully- and this apartment is already my favourite - just has everything that makes a place feel like home :)


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