Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Instead of bringing you a travel story, I have to write about something else because life has interrupted once again...

Despite being dumped by my former company without any explanation, this week hasn't been too bad. My Mad Scientist work has kept my very busy, and I'm starting my job hunt with a renewed determination to find something in my field. Or at least something that will help me achieve my goal of finding my classroom.

This week has been a lot of fun - lots of running around for Mad Science - feeding little kids blue cotton candy while teaching them about things like underwater volcanoes and tea bag rockets. They had a great time and I went home each day with blue sugar all over my hair.

After today's lunch program, I got home, turned on the shower and after a few minutes realized that the bathroom wasn't warming up.

No hot water.

Laughing to myself that perhaps I'm under some kind of jinx, I went downstairs to check the hot water heater out.

And stepped into a puddle.


This time didn't involve a carpet or nocturnal trip to the bathroom, but once again we have become victims of a dead hot water heater.

A call to my landlords (a great couple from Toronto who are super nice and take very good care of the house) revealed that this was a rented hot water heater.

From Reliance. Again.

"Yep, they told me that they'll try to come out tonight, but if not then they'll be here between noon and 4pm tomorrow afternoon".

(cue me rolling my eyes and banging my head against a wall)

"Melinda? Are you okay? What's that noise?"

"Oh nothing, it's fine. I've dealt with Reliance before. I know how they work (cough, cough)".

So here we are, boiling water to do dishes and wash up. Again. Waiting for Reliance to show up and fix or replace the hot water heater. Again. And praying very very hard that this time it's not going to be three days before I get to have another hot shower.

If the last time is any indication, I'm sure there will be updates to follow...


  • At 11:48 PM, Anonymous MOM said…

    All is not bad!!! At least it far enough away from the weekend so you will have hot water when I need a shower. Can't wait to see you. Love and God bless!!! MOM


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