Monday, February 20, 2006

oh motivation, where art thou?

Monday night... so far i've spent some time with jeremy, played with my cat, taken everything out of my school bag, watched the women's team win the gold medal (not a surprise there), had pizza and wings for dinner, and i'm now writing in my blog.
It would be interesting to poll everybody in my program about this situation - none of us are motivated to do anything anymore. We're tired. There is so much to do that it feels like we're running backwards, never catching up. Every time I think that I've caught up with my workload, something new comes up. Take tonight for example. I'd busted my butt all weekend to get way ahead of my workload this week, and before leaving school for the day found out that my advisor will be onsite tomorrow to collect our portfolios and give feedback on them.
No email, no phone calls, nothing from her - instead a girl I don't know comes into the classroom at lunchtime to tell my teaching partner that we have to have our portfolios available for tomorrow. So tonight I should be working on that, but I just can't seem to motivate myself.

On a happier note, team Canada rocks and I'm so proud of our women's team - they played with heart and passion and beat out every country with no effort. They scored about 60 goals and only had 2 goals scored on them. Incredible!


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