Monday, January 23, 2006


lots of random thoughts tonight...

Well it looks like the biiiiig election in Canada is going to give us another minority government, but this type the Conservative party get to be in charge. I have been looking at this whole thing sort of half-heartedly, since I don't really trust any of the politicians that hang out in Ottawa. Unfortunately, it seems that the guy who will be our new PM is the kind of person who thinks its okay to send Canadian troops to fight the US war in Iraq. It's so ironic that almost every Canadian is totally against this war, but they still vote for this guy...
It's funny that Ontario still voted for the Liberals, with an almost 2 to 1 ratio against the Conservatives. I guess our memories of Mike Haris and Brian Mulroney are still strong here. This election was definitely won in the west of our country - once again I shake my head.

I wonder what effect this is going to have on our education system. None of the issues that are most important to me, and many other students really weren't covered much - what's going to happen with EI? Post-secondary costs, OSAP, money money money money

Either way, I'll still be in crazy debt at the end of this school year and will still have to fight against many other people to get a job somewhere.

Today was Career Day at the U, a day that everybody in our faculty of education has been looking forward to. The day started early - 8:30am, but really didn't get moving until around and hour later. After listening to a few presentations, and chatting with board reps for a few hours, several things became clear to me:
1. I REALLY should have kept up my french
2. music might be my foot in the door - apparently everybody wants music teachers now
3. Applying for work starts immediately (like by end of January)
4. the University of Windsor is not very organized. (Jamming 16 school boards displays with 3 representatives each, and about 400 teacher candidates into a SMALL conference room just doesn't work. Not telling the students that they are NOT expected to provide resumes and cover letters on Career Day would also have been nice. I could go on, but I'm very frustrated with the lack of information and detail provided to us for this day, which caused a lot of undue stress)
5. While I don't want to live in Toronto, the boards from that region treat teachers much better than any others, and really appear to be recruiting, not just providing information.
6. the Thames valley board didn't give a damn about who wanted to apply with them

It's sad really. I wanted to move back to London, and have always maintained that this would be my plan, and now I'm faced with the very real possibility that I might never get to live there again. Which means of course, that I have to find another community to connect to, meet more new friends and leave behind the ones from London who are so important to me. I know I'll keep in touch with the ones who I'm closest to, but I'm getting very tired of moving away from places. I love to meet new people, but at this stage in life, it's getting less exciting to constantly be on the move. A transient life isn't something for me - I want a community that I'll stay in.

ah well, lots of change as usual - getting used to that - but some of it is good, and I guess I'll go to bed thankful for that.

Here's a pic of one of the good things... fancy lunch in Little Italy with some of my friends in the P/J program.


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