Friday, January 13, 2006

notes from frustration

I am SO frustrated!!! Having not had any time in the last two weeks to write anything in this blog - i now can't remember all of the things I had to say! Call it frustration or sleeplessness or stress - I don't know what it is... School is still going well, but things are so crazy that I feel like I'm playing catch-up all the time.
I've decided that as far as money goes, I'm just going to have to let it go if I get the extra money promised (verbally) by the bank. I've been worrying about money pretty much nonstop for the last 4 months, since my credit line has been supporting two people and covering all of my school expenses too. Jeremy has been trying to find work in this city since we moved here and has been completely unsuccessful so far. He applied to EI awhile ago - about 3 months - and is still waiting for that too. This whole business with EI has been driving me completely crazy, since I have paid into this insurance as an automatic deduction from my wages - and apparently it's almost impossible to break through the ridiculous red tape required to get it. After waiting all of this time for a response, and calling the local MP's office for assistance in getting some answers, Jeremy was told a few days ago that they "are missing information". WOW. Honestly, I dont see how it's possible that in a country like Canada that people can go 3 months missing information about somebody needing financial assistance without actually calling them! He was equally shocked, but instead of getting angry (like I did), he called his former employer again and asked them to once again send the apparently missing information. At this point, he is still waiting for confirmation that this has been recieved, and after calling the MP today, was told to please call Monday for further information.
At least they're trying to help him - or seem to be anyway - I really don't understand how something like this can happen. And apparently, after talking to a few others, this is not an unusual situation.
The worst part is that apparently he can still be denied EI because he didn't apply within 10 days of becoming unemployed. Funny that somebody who was sure he would get a job and didn't need to rely on the government for financial assistance is being punished for his initiative.
Makes you wonder what's the point of paying into this at all...
And so we wait until Monday - him for news about EI, and me for news about how much money the bank is going to add to my almost exhausted credit line.

In the meantime, I will convince myself that all of this debt is going to be an investment in myself and the wonderful future I will have as a teacher... gonna take some convincing though.


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