Friday, September 08, 2006

Bitten by the Travel Bug

We haven't even been in London for a month and already I'm dreaming of places to travel. There are a LOT of places you can visit from London for very little money:

Trip to Venice: Plane tickets for two adults: 58.66 pounds return
Accomodations: 28 Euros for 4 nights

Trip to the French Riviera (St. Tropez): Plane tickets: 51.57 pounds return
Accomodations: range from 40 Euros to really freakin expensive

Trip to Mykonos Island, Greece: Plane tickets: 200 pounds return
Accomodations for 4 nights: 56.55 pounds

You can also do something called a "rail & sail" from London to Amsterdam, taking both the train and the ferry for 50 pounds return per person. Apparently the views during your journey are incredible... Add a cheap hotel or hostel to that and you've got a hell of a fun weekend.

Venice looks like the best deal right now, but we haven't even really begun to search. Apparently RyanAir is run by a billionaire who is very generous - recently they've begun to offer FREE flights all over Europe - you just have to pay the taxes.

Basically for the price of one or two day's work we can travel to a darn cool place for a weekend or even a week. Can't wait to start seeing everything that Europe has to offer...

Mykonos, Greece


  • At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Mom said…

    These places and these prices sound really, really great. Can't wait to spend some time exploring when we visit this spring. We'll have to make a list of places we'd like to see. I'm thinking now of getting a general overview of Europe this visit then concentrate on a particular place next time. The rail and sail sounds spectacular. Love always, Mom


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