Monday, October 23, 2006

Here fishy fishy

Finally we decided on a tourist-y thing to do in London: the London Aquarium. The day was cloudy, with little bits of sunshine peeking through every once in awhile. Until we got out of the Underground station, that is. It started drizzling in this strange way that I don't remember happening back home... I don't know if anybody else who's been to London knows what I mean - there are so many different kinds of rain here - sometimes you get a really unique type of rainfall.

Luckily we got to line up inside for tickets. Since we went in the late afternoon, most of the tour groups and families were either already there, or had come and gone (and were likely standing in line for the London Eye, which is very close by).

The aquarium was so much fun! We wandered around looking at all sorts of different kinds of fish, pointing out really colourful ones or some that we'd never seen before. Jeremy patiently waited while I stared into some of the tanks (especially the really big ones with the sharks - it's so easy to imagine yourself swimming with them).

I got tons of pictures, most of which I'll post in my photoblog, so click here to see them. (I promise they turned out really good!)

The rain was really coming down when we started walking across Westminster Bridge, which is along the Parliament Buildings and Big Ben. A strange (but pleasant) yellow light was in the clouds, highlighting the rain on the ground and giving everything a really dramatic appearance. I thought I'd post one of them here...

Not too much else to talk about right now - going to have come McVitty's (the yummiest chocolate-caramel-digestive cracker ever) and read.



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