Friday, March 24, 2006

comments, comments, comments

I have recently become addicted to reading comments made in my blog and others as well... probably because of the following conversation.

Kim posted a blog discussing her experiences with breastfeeding, ending with an apology to the readers about the content of her post. She felt bad talking about it - so I made the below comment to make her feel better:

breastfeeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding - there I said it too - so you don't need to worry about talking about it! I have developed a whole new appreciation for my mother as I watch you journey through motherhood. Also - i still don't want one of my own - unless we can somehow time being pregnant at the same time! on a different note - can't help but remember the episode of Friends when they tried the breast milk - wonder how it would taste on cereal??? ;P
10:33 AM
Kim said...
Mel - I can always offer you some the next time you're over if you want. ;)
4:06 PM
Melinda said...
um... well if i do, i might need to have some Oreos like Ross did - lol - hmm i really don't know if i'm brave enough though! heehee
4:17 PM
Laura Coubrough said...
Mel, I think it's turning more into the "would you drink the fat for me?" episode of friends... just run.;)
5:04 PM
Melinda said...
LOLthanks for the tip... maybe there is something good about being all the way in Windsor!
5:09 PM
Kim said...
Ummmm,'re insulting my breastmilk here people!
5:50 PM
Melinda said...
Oh sweetie - i would never dream of insulting your breastmilk - i know it's value! But... I reserve the right to be freaked out by the thought of drinking anything that comes out of my friend's boobs.okay that sounds grosser than intended - hmm maybe i need to stop writing now :)
5:59 PM
Kim said...
7:38 PM

Disclaimer: this information was taken from another blog:
(that i still can't figure out how to link to). Apparently the number of comments since I wrote this a few days ago has moved up to 13... wow - 13 comments - i'm still trying to hit 5! lol


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