Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Well my last day of classes is tomorrow - finally! It's hard to believe that school year is almost completely done. What an emotional roller coaster it's been! Today I watched a bunch of classmates fall apart and lose their tempers or cry because of their last placement and other school related things. It stuck me that all of the rambling I've been doing about school and other stuff in my life is totally normal and I really don't have it that bad. It's sometimes hard to remember that when you're sleep deprived, miss your family and friends, and have way too much work to do! (hmm that sounds like it might be a complaint)

In truth, I've loved this year and what I've learned. I've developed from somebody who thought they knew what it meant to be a teacher into a real teacher. Something like that overshadows any of the stress or BS that might come my way in the future - kinda nice remembering the big picture.

Going out tonight with school friends and Jeremy too - I informed him he was joining us - to have a late dinner and partake in some 2$ drinks. After staying in all year and saving money, tonight the plan is to have fun and drink till we're done. Then hand in two big assignments that are due tomorrow - that I finally finished yesterday.

until later (possibly when i'm a little tipsy),


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