Thursday, March 02, 2006

My first interview

Well, my first interview has been set up, and it's not for a place that I ever imagined.
Here's the story.
I recieved a mass email on Tuesday night about a company that places teachers in the United Kingdom for 1 or 2 year placements. They were doing interviews on campus next week and we were being encouraged to contact them as soon as possible if interested.
10:15pm: Thinking I had nothing to lose, I sent in an email detailing my interest in working overseas, and attached my resume and cover letter.
Wednesday morning, 7:00am: phone rings long distance, and wondering who would be calling at that time of day, I answer on the first ring. The caller is a lady from Britian, wanting to discuss with "cv" with me (apparently this is their word for resume). 20 minutes later, I had an interview scheduled for next tuesday on campus. very interesting...

Since my first choice is always going to be working in Ontario - particularly somewhere in southern ontario - london, brantford, niagara, waterloo - places nearby friends and family - I am not that nervous for this interview. It will be great experience for sure...


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