Saturday, March 11, 2006

Notes from procrastination

I'm seriously losing my mind!!!
At what point is it okay for a person to say that there is way too damn much to do and go and drink beer and watch Hockey Night in Canada??
It's bad enough to have a major test on my birthday, but there's another paper due that night, and after rereading the expections over and over again, I finally emailed the professor because I don't get it.
He spent the entire year preaching about racism and sexism and how white society doesn't truly give people of other races and cultures a chance. it's ridiculous really. Anyway, he wants us to choose a theoretical framework or perspective and evaluate it, explain it's history and why it would be useful for a teacher. WHAAAAA? We didn't talk about any theoretical perspectives ALL YEAR. yet, he wants this academic referenced paper (4 pages, worth 40% of our grade) that sounds like something people could develop a thesis on. ugh

So I dropped the essay for now and am now working on another pointless assignment that I should have been working on all year, but just didn't.

While the world parties this saturday night, I sit in front of my computer again, trying to convince myself that this work just needs to get finished.

maybe if i get halfway done, i can reward myself with a beer...


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