Wednesday, May 31, 2006

the new heart attack on a plate / bowl

Sometimes a blogger is lucky enough to stumble upon a picture or news article that just screams "write about me"!!!

Even after being in North Carolina for two weeks and eating some incredibly yummy-but-terrible-for-you southern food, I never saw anything quite like this. The fun continued as I went to the "Keep it Balanced" nutritional information. I mean c'mon - these folks sell deep fried chicken! Not sure why all fast food places are on this kick - trying to pretend that they don't sell greased up french fries with their salads and fajitas (yes, McD's has fajitas now).

In the spirit of truth-telling I'll admit that for just a teensy (wow never used that word b4) little second this actually looked like it might taste good. Only for a second though, I promise.


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