Friday, May 19, 2006

Just when I thought we'd escaped - the allergy monster strikes again

ARGH How I hate those allergies! Because of them I am sitting here on a Friday night in front of my computer instead of at Kim & Steve's playing board games or card games. We'd been invited to London for the night, but Jeremy was feeling absolutely horrible so there wasn't much we could do, except stay home.

So here I sit watching playoff hockey (Edmonton vs. San Jose) which is never a bad thing to do, but I would have given up watching the game to see our friends and of course little Gordie.

Speaking of Gordie, I haven't posted my latest pics of him and his friend Addis.

Gordie and mommy on their first Mother's Day :)

Love these pictures of Gordie - clearly starting the teething stage where everything goes in the mouth. Love how he was trying to eat his soother - very cute. He's chewing on my Baptism present to him in the other pics, which he seemed to enjoy until he realized it wouldn't fit in his mouth.

Here's Addis trying to figure out how to crawl / get that cool toy out of Gordie's mouth. (He helped us pick it out in the store and has wanted it since then)

Here is Addis showing off his clapping ability (can't believe how big he is for being not even 10 months old yet!), and Gordie showing off how much he can fit in his mouth.

What an adorable pair of boys

Is there any wonder why I don't like being so far away?


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