Friday, May 12, 2006

some more randomness

Saw this on a blog I was reading today and thought I'd give it a try...

: getting very excited (and scared) about moving to another country
I WANT: to pay off my school debts, see the world, and settle down somewhere near friends and family
I WISH: on stars (yep, even at 27 I'm still a hopeless romantic)
I HATE: allergies! inconsiderate people, and being in debt
I MISS: my friends and family
I FEAR: never finding a permanent job or place to settle down
I HEAR: somebody's stereo playing the parking lot, and my kitty meowing
I WONDER: if "the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve"? john mayer ** (gotta keep this one - it definitely applies to me too!)
I REGRET: not standing up for myself more in the past and not being brave enough to do certain things
I AM NOT: going to change my mind about moving to England - even if it's scary
I DANCE: all the time!
I SING: everywhere and anywhere - especially in the car and shower
I CRY: at a lot of things both happy and sad - Kim & Steve's wedding for example - so much emotion that I cried on my way up the aisle (kinda embarassing now)
I AM NOT ALWAYS: able to explain what I'm thinking
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: photo album / scrapbooks, lesson plan activities, yummy meals
I WRITE: almost as often as I want to now that I have a blog, and more than I wanted to during the school year
I CONFUSE: people around me sometimes - see note about not being able to explain myself
I NEED: to win the lottery! well right now i need more coffee :)
I SHOULD: get my mother's day card in the mail
I LOVE: my family and friends (Jeremy of course), my new little nephews, being outside, a good cup of coffee, reading a great story, my lake, and oh well i guess i love lots of things
I THANK: see above - for bringing me happiness and strength when I need it, and just making my life that much sweeter


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