Saturday, April 29, 2006

On a different note

I expected my next post to be a description of our rockin' good-bye University of Windsor shindig, but there have been a series of little things from today that keep sticking in my head and I just have to write down... I apologize in advance for the randomness to follow ;)

"the next blog" activity
I decided to try the random "next blog" button. This opened up a whole new world of people's opinions, pictures, poems, stories, and a series of things too strange not to mention here. For those of you reading this, I'm wondering if you've tried the same thing - and if yes, has anybody else stumbled upon blogs written in english but don't make any sense at all? I'm not talking about opinions here - it's more like random words in english: Cake chocolate rolll. Not move to block its consideration. Theyre creating socialized medicine, cake chocolate rolll ABC starting this fall. Delicate Balance, at 7:30 p.m. At CAKE CHOCOLATE ROLLL

Say it with me folks: HUH?!!!!!!! Maybe there's a translator on this website that I just don't know about and stuff if lost in translation... whatever it is, I discovered this phenomenon after a few glasses of good rum, and couldn't help to revisit just to see if the words were still gibberish.

I have found several good blogs though - many much better written (and probably more interesting) than mine - I guess all we blogger nerds have a certain style, and hopefully the people who do read this blog are somewhat entertained at least.

this part is sad: i found a blog about a little boy who's birth went very badly. The author is his grandmother and she is not only well written, but includes pictures that just grab my heart and squeeze. I will not provide a link to it though - don't want Kim or Ledawit reading this incredibly sad story and especially seeing the pictures of the parents - but basically the doctor was 30 minutes late to the delivery and as a result this little boy has severe brain damage and no cerebral activity at all. The content is this blog is so personal and utterly heartbreaking, yet the grandmother seems to really need to share this story with the world. The absolute joy I felt when meeting my "nephews" came back to me even more when I realized how damn lucky we all are to have happy and healthy little ones around us. My prayers go out to all mothers right now - especially the mother of that poor week old child who will likely not survive to see two weeks...

whew - okay on a different note again

A makeshift clothesline and ripped jeans
Did laundry today and since the spin cycle didn't appear to kick in I was forced to drag a heavy and very wet basket of clothes onto the balcony to dry. Before you ask yourself why I didn't use the dryer, I should mention that it costs $1.50 per load to dry and at the best of times it takes 2 drying cycles to mostly get them dry. So I often bring clothes up to dry for awhile to save some money (love the starving student tricks huh).
Anyway, I was sitting on the balcony reading (more on that later) and noticed a couple of things:
1. I must have a little white trash in me if I think a balcony rail is a good clothesline ;)
2. my very wet clothes were dripping to the ground below, probably giving a bit of a surprise to the people walking below
3. the clothes hanging were a pretty good reflection of me. If you look at the picture below, you'll see a U of W sweater, my favourite jeans, comfy sweatpants, flashy pink pj pants, and nice khaki pants and pink golf shirt. only thing missing is a hockey jersey...
4. my favourite jeans had RIPPED in the washing machine!! not a little, but a LOT and not even along the seam so they can't be fixed unless I do the patch thing on the leg. I will not be patching my jeans with anything - even if that style ever came back. So goodbye to my jeans :(

wow i've never had trouble getting a picture up here b4 - guess it's my own fault for taking so long to put it up....

Reading the DaVinci Code
Started reading this mega-hit book by Dan Brown. I actually have read other books from him and think he's a great author. He has this way of making you believe everything he is writing about just might be real or true. Not sure how he does it - maybe by infusing the story with real-life details like street names in real cities, and historical facts that seem too amazing to be true but are. Whatever it is, I'm halfway through this book and totally hooked. I won't give away any of this story, but those of you who enjoy reading a good mystery will just love this one.


So that's my day in a nutshell. I'll spend some time tomorrow uploading the pictures from Thursday's night out - just like the last time I posted pics, they get increasingly blurry as the night goes on.

hope this post wasn't too weird - my only excuse is that I need to get adjusted to not having anything to do during the day. Pretty soon that will change though, as we get ready for the biiiig move...

anyway, off to BBQ some yummy steaks and baked potatoes and watch some hockey.


  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Rob said…

    I see no picture :)

  • At 10:19 AM, Blogger Melinda said…

    lol forgot to post it...oops!!!
    heehee thanks for reminding me

  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger Beechball * said…

    still no picture mel.. it's almost 5pm! lol

    I often search through blogs, but not by hitting next blog, but by linking from one persons to another, and so on and so on... it's very interesting to see what's out there!


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