Monday, April 24, 2006

Here kitty kitty (part 2)

I'm bored already.

Can't believe how quickly it set in actually - I haven't even been out of school for 4 days now, and I already am looking for things to keep me busy.

There was a pretty nice thunderstorm the other night. After two glasses of wine, I took about 80 pictures on my camera phone (sony ericsson s710a for those who care) in an attempt to get a picture of lightning. This is HARD. Here are the results.

Nice huh? Three pictures that kinda show light in the sky and 77 pictures of blackness.

after the failure to capture any interesting pictures of lightning, I decided to try with a subject that was easier... my sleeping kitty. He of course woke up during his unconscious modeling, and decided to treat me with several yawns as he tried to smell / bite the camera.

Wow I hope I find something interesting to do soon.

On a different note, I'm in the process of calling school boards to follow up on applications. Keeping my fingers crossed here, while the thought of traveling to England is starting to look better and better. Is the easier path the best one???


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