Thursday, May 04, 2006

trying to escape the boredom

School is over now - no more classes, no more assignments, no more stress over trying to balance a zillion different things all at the same time. My school friends are gone - moved back to their hometowns to search for jobs and reunite with friends and family.

With my newfound freedom, I'm able to volunteer in my old classrooms, get stuff organized for the move to London, spend some more time with Jeremy (who I had to ignore for 8 months, the poor guy), and of course relax a bit.

Last night I discovered this great website that teaches people how to understand British slang. Since the kids I'll be teaching will definitely say things I wont get - I figured I need to do a little "research".

Some of this is like a foreign language to me:
arseholed = completely messy, stinking drunk
barmy = crazy
brassed off = pissed off or fed up
cracking = the best, or a stunning girl
gen up = get information, do research
jammy = lucky
naff = uncool
wanker = somebody who is a bit of a jerk
*** for more info, check out: ***

my favourite so far is dodgy.

Looking forward to hearing all of this in everyday conversation in a few months. Hopefully I'll be able to translate most of it by the time I end up in a classroom!


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