Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Can't believe it's been two weeks already

The last two weeks have flown by.

Despite this, I still feel like August is light-years away.

On a much more positive note, the last 13 days of visiting with my parents has been a lot of fun, and I've finally (after 8 months) been able to spend some time playing Tourist. We've been all over the city: Portobello Road market and Notting Hill, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, more street markets, two trips to the theatre (Treats and Mama Mia), shopping at Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, dinner at Covent Garden, and today Madame Tussaud's.

Here are a few pics from today:

Read the fine print - does this sound like a good deal to YOU?!

Apparently Samuel L. Jackson thought it was ridiculous too...

Love this picture of me & Hendrix. I can only wish to be that cool...

And here we have Jeremy's favourite actor, Nicholas Cage, who I tried to pose with, but the pictures just don't look good. So here is my pic of him with his motorbike.

So sight-seeing has been pretty fun, and at the street markets, we've really lucked out. My dad found a great watch that appears to be a Swiss Army brand, although we're not completely sure that it's real, since he paid 5 pound for it, and they usually cost 200. I got a pair of Luis Vuitton shoes (!!) and Versace sunglasses (!!) - also am not completely sure that they're real, but as far as I'm concerned, they are. Great deals on both, and I did manage to find the exact same things on the internet for ridiculous amounts of money (the shoes are apparently worth $450 Canadian, and I saw the sunglasses on ebay for 200 pounds). I've never owned anything made by a designer, so even if you KNOW that these aren't the real deal, please refrain from telling me - it's more fun to believe I own something really special.

Either way, I love the shoes because they're comfortable. The only problem is, because they're so expensive, I don't want to wear them everyday, so now I need to get another pair to wear on days when it's rainy,so they stay nice. Gotta love being a girl...

Here are a couple more pictures from day today - these ones are of our dinner at The Globe Pub on Baker Street. Great food and atmosphere (typical of most British pubs actually. I'm gonna miss them when I go back to Canada). We had an even better time than usual because the waitress let us pose behind the bar.

How do I look?

my parents not paying attention to the camera - how cute!

Tomorrow we're heading out early to go to the Tower of London and the London Dungeons. Should be a very interesting, history-filled day. I will probably fall asleep tonight dreaming of the Three Musketeers and the Kings and Queens who walked within those thousand-year-old walls.

I will be posting tomorrow anyway, since it's April 4th; a special day for one of my favourite people in the entire world.

Until then...


  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger Kim said…

    I totally dig the sunglasses. Good eye in the shopping department. And the shoes look sooooo comfortable too!

    I wish I could take you shopping with me tomorrow so I could take advantage of your good 'bargain eye'.


  • At 9:22 AM, Blogger Suldog said…

    Oh, geez. Your parents are my age, right? Oh, geez. I keep on thinking I'm a hip young guy, until someone shows me a photo like that and then my inner visions of myself are dashed against the rocks of reality.

    (Hmmm. Not bad.)

    Ah, well. Actually, your Mom bears a slight resemblance to MY WIFE. And my chin kind of looks like your Dad's chin. In other words, they're lovely people!


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