Monday, March 27, 2006

8 months in windsor

8 months ago Jeremy and I packed up the last of our stuff and said goodbye to London, hoping we would return someday.

Dylan loved driving the moving truck

Melissa and I left London 30 minutes after Jeremy and Dylan and still managed to catch up to them on the 401 just outside of Chatham.

This is the cake that Kim baked for me to wish me luck

This is what Kim looked like - 5 months pregnant!

Here are the before - after pics of our place. The move in was not fun - trying to fit stuff that was in a two-bedroom apartment in to a one bedroom apartment - including a cranky, terrified kitty and a two-hour drive. Move day took 17 hours. We'd probably still be moving if Melissa and Dylan hadn't come along to help.

The one thing I don't like about the apartment is the wall colour. I'd much rather have painted it, but we decided it wasn't worth it. Can't wait to get a house someday (when we finally find out where we'll be living) so we can decorate and paint it and not have to worry.

The Riverfront

One of our favourite places is the riverfront (Detroit river). Lots of interesting things to look at, including the Detroit skyline and the Ambassador bridge. Definitely the greenest and nicest part of Windsor.

The view from our balcony at night. Right away my favourite thing about the apartment was being able to see the bridge and other parts of the city.

Love the BBQ - was a present for my birthday 3 years ago. Now that the weather is getting really nice again I'm looking forward to spending tons of quality time with it :)
and some beer too...

Hope you've enjoyed my little tour of Windsor - I'll have a post later on with pics of other places to go in the city.


  • At 7:54 AM, Blogger Laura Coubrough said…

    So do you two think you'll move back to London now, or do you know where you guys are looking to move yet? I'll keep my eyes open for some jobs up here for you. :)
    You mentioned Brantford might be one of the places you would look. Jay is from Brantford. Do you know a lot of people up there?

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger Melinda said…

    I actuallly have a cousin in Branford and really like the area down the 403 corridor. Anything but Hamilton the city though - Jeremy refuses to live there ;)

    We were hoping for London - but honestly I'm not holding my breath - very hard school board to get into... Thanks for the offer btw - I need every bit of help I can get :)

  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger Laura Coubrough said…

    No problem.
    BTW, I wouldn't live in Hamilton Center either..

  • At 10:44 AM, Blogger Beechball * said…

    Those are some beautiful pictures. I would definately take a trip there, sure seems worth it with all the nice things that are around there. Enjoy the city while you're there, cause like you said, who knows were you'll end up later. :)


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