Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Long Range Forecast

It's finally hit me. It's become real and I can no longer stick my head in the sand.

There were several thunderstorms in the area last night, and being one of those people who happens to love thunderstorms, I tuned into The Weather Network to check things out, knowing that the only time you truly get accuracy from them is when there are storms happening.

When they went into the long range forecast (which covers a two week period) ending July 31st. Forgetting my glee over the "wicked cool lightning" (okay maybe I didn't exactly call it that, but that's what I was thinking), I stared at the TV screen. Apparently "we're not leaving till the end of the month" no longer means 'later'. It now means SOON.

Looking around our apartment, you see major signs that a pair of procrastinators live here. No boxes piled up or stacked in corners, a completely full freezer that needs to be emptied, the place needs a good cleaning, and even the things we don't use are still in the cupboards (those were supposed to be the things we either got rid of or packed first).

Let's hope we can get stuff done before Moving Day becomes "tomorrow we'll have scattered showers, temperature of 32 degrees Celsuis, and a chance of thunderstorms".


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