Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Darn that Murphy!!!

Let me begin by stating that food poisoning SUCKS.

So does the flu.

Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious here.

Allow me to backtrack a bit...
I had a wonderful weekend visit with Ledawit and Addis, where I got to play with my nephew and chat with his mommy for longer than a couple of hours. We even had a little bit of wine and watched Madagascar (hilarious movie - although it might have partly been the zinfandel). Got home Sunday night and had a nice dinner with Jeremy and went to bed happy.

Unfortunately this did not last very long - around 2am I woke up and realized that something wasn't right. After a mad dash to the bathroom, and a hell of a lot of pain, I decided it must be food poisoning because:
1. it felt like I'd been poisoned
2. when you get it you feel like you might die, and I most definitely thought I was dying
3. if you really want details about the effects of food poisoning - look online cause it's not that kinda blog

Needless to say it was a horrible night and had Jeremy not been there, I probably would have called 911 or something. He took care of me all the next day, even brought my laptop and brought me dinner in bed.

His reward?
Last night HE got sick.

So now we're not so sure about the food poisoning thing... could be the flu instead. (which is the popular consensus among friends and family)

Yes both of these things suck, but the fact that we don't know for sure about whether or not it's the flu means that we can't visit with Kim, Steve and Gordie as planned this week - since we don't want to make any of them sick before their trip (or at all for that matter).

We were supposed to get together with our friends on Thursday, then drive to the campground near where my cousin is getting married on Friday. Since it's much farther from Windsor than from London, this plan seemed like a very good one. Until that jerk Murphy showed up with his law and ruined everything.

I finally feel better, but it's been a few days, and poor Jeremy is still flat on his back, feeling terrible.

There were a dozen little things that needed to get done this week, including packing up the stuff we want my parents to ship to us in London once we get settled. After 3 days in bed, I've gotten very little done. Looks like tomorrow will involve a lot of running around for me (and hopefully a recovery for poor Jeremy).

I wanted to say that this couldn't have happened at a worse time, but to be honest there are a couple of other days that would probably be worse than this (like right before we get on the plane). I know I said I wasn't looking forward to the "looong goodbye", but I was hoping to have a much longer one that what we'll get now.

I realized tonight that no matter how much time there is with my friends before we say goodbye, I'll still miss them like crazy.

so here's to a possible New Year's in Amsterdam...

(I added these shots to cheer myself up - pretty neat shots that I took from the balcony last week)


  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger Kim said…

    Please trust me when I say that I am absolutely sad that you won't be staying with us. The thing that is keeping me from not being totally upset is that I know I will be seeing you on Sunday and likely in August (to meet in Ancaster like you suggested). And let's not forget our trip to London...ENGLAND! ;)

    Being a mom has all these new responsibilities. Where I wouldn't have minded having you over and exposing myself in the past, it's such a new thing to be very concerned for someone so little. I thank you so much for understanding, because I feel SO bad and while you could be putting me on a guilt trip, you are so great about it. You're truly the best, which is one of the reasons I'm gonna miss you so darned much!

  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger Tam's thoughts said…

    Hope you all feel better soon

  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger Melinda said…

    One of the great things about my life is having friends like you, Kim. You're a wonderful mommy and I'm proud of you for thinking first of your son - although being so selfless is not out of your character anyway ;)

    i just keep thinking that "it's only for 2 years" - which compared to 14 years of friendship really isn't all that long at all.

    ps. thanks Tammy!


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