Thursday, July 06, 2006


There are many reasons that I hate being broke. We can't go out for dinner, can't take advantage of not working this summer by traveling all over the place, and when I see crab legs on sale in the grocery store, I still can't afford them (although sometimes I buy them anyway).

Now this isn't a complaint - I love my life and am happy to be poor because of getting my Bachelor of Education degree - but when things come up that are truly worthy things to spend my money on, it just bugs me when I can't.

The point of this? I got tired of reading random blogs (too many wierd ones out there) and have been linking to other people's blogs through ones that I read regularly. This has led me to some great sites that I have now added as links through mine as well (just makes things easier since I've been reading some of them everyday).

One of the blogs I've been reading (thanks to Dave for bringing it to people's attention) is Somewhere On the Masthead. I found the posts interesting and well written and began to check it with increasing regularity. When we got back from our trip, I happily began catching up with the blogs I check daily and read the latest post from Dave.

If I knew Magazine Man personally (author of the Masthead blog), I'd be sending emails about him to Ellen Degenerous - he's totally the type of guest that she'd have on her show. A complete hero who risked life and limb to save his family pet, driving many miles and spending many hundreds of dollars. I won't tell anymore about his story since you should read it in his own words (it's totally worth your time).

Apparently there are people in the USA (and likely in Canada - I'm not naive enough to believe that there aren't bad people here too) who participate in dogfights. Dogfights are highly illegal and even more cruel. My research about this online brought me to tears. These people often use pitbulls who are bred to fight to the death, while sick morons cheer them on and bet on the outcoume. To get the fighting dogs all fired up, they use "bait animals". These are often other people's PETS - innocent, gentle cats and dogs who are stolen from their families and killed for entertainment.

In my opinion this is murder, just as surely as killing another human being is murder. It's sick and disgusting and makes me feel ill whenever I think about it.

I was asked to contribute a donation to the ASPCA in honour of MM & Blaze's ordeal, and since I can only give a small amount, I thought I'd do my part by asking anybody who reads this post to consider sending over a donation to either the American or Canadian branches of the SPCA.

I wish I could give them a million dollars.


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