Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The fiasco begins

Now that we have our plan for Moving Day (thanks to the kindness of some of our friends), I started callling moving companies and car rental places to get a small truck for the day. Even though we're not moving the bed or other large furniture we still need a fair amount of space for all of the boxes.

To my frustration and disgust, not one of the places that rents moving trucks accepts "one-way moves", meaning that even if you move across the province, you still have to return their truck to the city you pick it up in. Apparently Discount, Avis, Budget, National, and many others believe that people only move within one city. It's convenience at it's best folks!

With a sinking feeling in my belly, I called UHaul, knowing that I was about to be charged an excessively high amount of money to move our stuff.

$311 dollars = small truck, 345 "free" km, insurance (since they don't let you use your own), and a one-way move from Windsor all the way to Jeremy's grandparents' place.

"Are you okay with this rate, m'am?"

Me: "well, I guess I don't exactly have a choice, do I? Do you know any other companies that rent trucks for one-way moving?"

"um, no." nervous laugh. "I guess it's okay to book then?"

Loud sigh. "Yes, go ahead."

It would cost a third of the price to rent out one of the trucks from the other companies, but I'm not willing to drive an additional 3 and a half hours to return it by "the next day".

Moving sucks.


  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger Laura Coubrough said…

    I know exactly what you're saying.
    Moving stinks!!!
    But getting to the new place is amazing...
    Just have to push past the crap first.


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