Saturday, November 11, 2006

I apologize in advance

I am writing today's post after drinking 4 glasses of italian house wine and a king can of Stella (for the bus ride home). Since it's freaking NaBloPoMo, I can't edit this before publishing or I won't complete my promise to write everyday. So here it is... my first attempt at semi-drunken blogging. (I have no doubt that reading this tomorrow will be painful)

Tonight Jeremy and I went to see the Lord Mayor's fireworks display down at the Thames River. Along with a zillion other people, we wandered up and down the riverfront looking for a good place to watch. The only problem was - we didn't have a clue where the fireworks would be set off, so a "good place" for one angle would not be so fantastic if they came from a different direction.

I must have pissed somebody off somehow. Somebody who can put curses on other people. What's my curse?

To have a 7 foot tall person in front of me whenever I want to see something.
here's his shoulder blocking my view

This happens all the time and is a great source of frustration, particularly on nights like tonight. This dude kept moving to the left, more and more in front of me, leading me to move over to the left, irritating the man standing beside me. (i'm sure he didn't want some strange girl cuddling up to him during the fireworks display) Thankfully, he looked at the behemoth blocking my view and seemed to understand...

The fireworks were okay. Honestly, I got much more enjoyment out of the ones we see in Port Colborne every summer with Jeremy's family (might have something to do with the company though). I took a few pics during the show, then a few more of the waterfront at night.

For the first time in ages, we decided to go out for dinner, and went to the Spaghetti House. There is a Spaghetti House in Toronto (and several in the UK), so it may actually be part of the same restaurant chain, but we're not sure. The food was fantastic (took me three tries to type that word for some reason), and we split a litre of their house wine. Since we haven't been going out much or spending money, it seemed like a nice thing to do before Jeremy leaves for home. Our next night out will be for Christmas...

The people at the restaurant were really funny and very friendly - even offered to take a picture of us after serving our food.

The food was really delicious. It was so nice not having to make something ourselves that we didn't even think about the fact that pasta dinners were costing us about 8 pounds each. Considering the area of London we were in, that's really not too bad though.

On the way to the bus, we stopped in and grabbed two Stellas for the ride home, in memory of our first few weeks of riding around in the top of buses, drinking, as we explored the city.

Oxford street looked amazing - all lit up, full of people, with gorgeous Christmas displays already in most of the stores. Definitely made for an interesting ride home.

Anyway, it's time to go - I've suddenly got the hiccups, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy making sure there are no spelling mistakes in this post (can't account for bad writing right now though), so I'm going to sign off before things get worse...

Before I go, I need to do something I've wanted to do since I read this article;

connosouir. connosiour. connosseour. (okay, maybe this word just doesn't work when you're drinking)

Time to back away from the computer :)

Until tomorrow...


  • At 5:28 AM, Blogger Melinda said…

    I'm commenting on my own blog post - apparently the writing isn't quite as bad as I feared. People reading this should know that it took me two hours to create that post though...

  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Beechball * said…

    haha, drunken posts are THE best! I do that all the time and then just add to it the next day, lol. Entertaining to me anyways, lol I hope you two had a very nice night on the town and that you still managed to see some of the fireworks :P (I can 1000% agree/understand you about your curse - I'm only 5'2"!)


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