Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the power of positive thinking

Since I tend to be a worrier, I figured that this would be a good idea to help take my mind off of all of the little unanticipated things that keep coming up about our move. I realized today that I'll need a cell phone (that's "mobile" to the Brits) when I'm there, and since I know things about cell phones, I can't just buy some crappy, cheap one. Right now I've got a really sweet phone (sony ericsson s710a) that was given to me from them as a goodbye gift when I left for teacher's college. Unfortunately this phone will not work over the UK (wrong GSM frequencies), so there goes more money out of my pocket.

Anyway, this is not a rant.

I decided that my blog was going to do something nice for me tonight and help me to feel better and forget about my money troubles.

Top 10 things that Amused Me Tonight

10. Justin Timberlake admitting that he does drugs (apparently he's been spending time with our PM, Stephen Harper)

9. Watching George Stroumbolopolous (I'm sure I spelled this wrong, but don't care enough to find the real spelling) try to be like Ryan Seacrest (watch "The One" on ABC if you want to see for yourself)

8. My cat begging me to play with him: he sits in front of me with his ball and howls till I throw it

7. The realization that maybe I DO like that my hair gets compared to Jennifer Aniston's (why wouldn't a girl want to be compared to her in a positive way)

6. Dave the Horn Guy (on America's Got Talent - the dude's act was basically playing music on the dozen or so horns strapped to his body... very interesting)

5. Trying to spell "Strombulopoulous (and competing with Jeremy to name people who have even more unfortunate last names, like Badcock)

4. An article titled More than half of bloggers are under 30. If you think about this - it is not only common sense, but a ridiculous comment in general. People actually spent money to find this out - paid researchers and writers and people to analyze data to find out that over half of bloggers are under 30 years old. With so many anonymous bloggers, who did they find this out? Does anybody care?
There are many things I care about more than this: whether or not I should cut my toenails, who will be kicked out of "So You Think You Can Dance", if I'm hot enough to pull up my hair into a ponytail, whether Dave the Horn Guy is going to advance in America's Got Talent... well you get the idea.
Next they'll be researching how many words related to sex are in your average blog post, number of comments about reality TV shows, and how many 50 year olds are on MySpace.

*cough* sorry got carried away there - here are the rest

3. The Belligerent Intellectual's latest blog post

2. The Goodyear blimp flying right past our apartment building. (apparently the pilots got bored this evening and decided to fly overDetroit and Windsor)

1. David Hasselhoff's t-shirt (America's Got Talent) reading: "Don't Hassel the Hoff"

Honorary Mention: the fact that I clearly did nothing other than watch television all night. Here's hoping that tomorrow is more entertaining :)

Thank you blog for cheering me up.


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